Creating MVP for e-learning platforms: Core Features

Minimal viable product or MVP includes the core features that an application or a platform must contain. When a product is finally ready to move to the development stage, a developer must focus on the creation of MVP by getting to know the client's requirements and their user base.

A core designing team consisting of product architect, product engineer, developers, and designers can hustle through workshops in the in-house war room to choose what should be the MVP of the product.

In the beginning, the best bet is to start with a basic product rather than loading it with functionalities and designing. Core product will validate a product/ app idea as soon as possible, and it will help to get the most critical aspect- feedback. At this stage, the team can find if the product is interactive or not.

For creating an MVP, you must focus on the core features of a product. These are the features which allow users to play around on the app, and learn. But how do we define the basics? Although an MVP depends on the client’s requirements, here we set some of the core features which are typical for an e-learning platform. For our blog, we base our MVP on one of the most popular EdTech companies, Udemy.

Search Bar

Searching for the online course that a student requires, must be fairly simple. Your e-learning app can have a simple search bar which is also perfectly visible from the UX standpoint. Udemy, for instance, gives its users a chance to explore from a range of courses across different categories.

MVP Search Bar

The search result also makes it easier to search for sub-categories, which are further divided into popular topics.

MVP Search Bar

Your app can also give filtering options to users so that they can refine their search based on ratings, price, and caption languages.

MVP Search Bar

Recommendation Engine

To create a platform like Udemy, there has to be a robust recommendation system that ensures higher user retention. The recommendation module can be based upon student’s preferences and questionnaire while they’re creating an account.

Recommendation Engine
Such platforms yoke the effectiveness of machine learning in suggesting new courses once a student has completed the existing ones.


A simple, but functional dashboard on e-learning app allows users to access their courses, and check their learning status. It’s the job of a UX/UI designer to ensure that all necessary features are available with clarity. Users must be able to pick up the course from where they left, while also tracking how far they’ve progressed.


An e-learning app/ platform dashboard from a tutor’s point could include analytical information like the number of active users, and course participants.

Course Page

Single course page on an e-learning app/ platform must contain a short introduction with course preview, and what a student takes away from it. A detailed information may follow the block; and it could include course content, detailed description, instructor’s introduction, and a review or tutorial section.

Course Page

Course Creation Page

Course creation page for the instructor should be as simple as a dashboard. Instructors can create course structure, and also upload content materials, PDFs and videos. A good MVP on the tutor’s side should also offer simple tools for maintaining interaction and feedback with and from students. It should also offer tools to prepare exams, questionnaires, tests, and assignments. It could also be made customizable.

Ratings and Review

One of the most valuable features of an e-learning app/ platform is learner’s review and rating. It allows them to give feedback about a course. This feature enables new users to see if the course is updated and still relevant or not.

Ratings and review

From the tutor's side, it allows them to learn whether students are liking their course or not. If not, such reviews and ratings give enough space for updates and improvement of course.

Payment Gateway

Developing an efficient and secure payment gateway with multiple options is essential so that buying a course becomes easier even for a newbie.

Payment Gateway

A good MVP enables recurring card payment for those with a monthly subscription model. Creating convenient payment methods with popular e-wallets is also essential. Think of the popular digital wallets in your local market to cater to a wider audience. From the tutor’s standpoint, an easy method to collect earnings also needs to be created.


An excellent tool to keep learners motivated about the new courses and updates, notifications are a great tool to be included in MVP. They must not be overused though.

Notification pages must allow users an autonomy to choose if they want to receive information and updates or not. Notifications can be sent either through email, or can be embedded with push notifications in mobile apps.

Admin Panel

Among the most powerful tools, and must-have feature of e-learning platforms, admin panel allows collecting users’ data to chart their journeys. It helps in managing user accounts, and content, while also generating statistics.

How we helped our client create a perfect e-learning MVP?

As you’ve noticed, our knowledge about creating a good e-learning platform comes from experience that we’ve acquired over years of working on EdTech products. We have successfully orchestrated a unique LIVE classroom solution for an independent education publishing house. Not a giant like Udemy, but the publishing house needed a lot of features close to what we’ve mentioned above. Drupal and Moodle helped in creating a powerful plug-and-play platform with an advanced admin panel.

The platform was well received by end users, and helped our client maintain high engagement between students and instructors.
Research shows that e-learning is the future, and there is yet a lot of scope for new solutions to emerge. When planning on MVP for an e-learning platform, do not forget that success of a product depends upon its core features.

If you’re looking for solutions architect and IT partners experienced in creating successful e-learning products, call us to find out why you should consider us. Let’s discuss the details of your project!