Google Analytics with privacy-safe customer insight introduced by Google

Google recently announced a fresh update to Google Analytics with an aim to facilitate privacy for marketing campaigns. The update provides private campaign response data to the marketers with the help of machine learning.

Google shall now be preserving marketing measurement, while also ensuring that consent choices are kept into consideration. The evolved machine learning mechanisms of Google shall facilitate conversion of Google Ads, through which marketers can optimize performance. Privacy has been kept in the core of this update.

In the blog, Google wrote, “If users don’t consent to analytics cookies, you’ll still be able to generate important customer insights while respecting your users’ privacy preferences.” This becomes important since data privacy has become the buzzword. More and more users are now opting out of tracking mode. Data modelling will enable marketers to nullify at least some of the impacts.

Google explains that in case there's incomplete data in a report about User Acquisition, there shall be a modelled data which will explain the entire story about new users which the campaign managed to acquire.
The new update regarding Analytics experience, Google explains, shall be intuitive for navigation so that key insights become discoverable with ease and speed.

Apart from all this, there is also a change of the way data is presented. Relevant reports are becoming more accessible through the left sidebar of Google Analytics. 

There is also an Advertising Workspace, which is specifically designed for addressing the needs of advertisers quickly. At the same time, this workspace unlocks elaborate insights of the campaign performance. You will have access to automated insight notifications such as performance spikes, the channel which is performing the best, and the main source of customer conversion.

Beyond these updates, Analytics has now also become customizable to fit business needs and enable flexibility. Analytics interface curation is made possible for the first time.

Google added two new reports to the Analytics, which include Model Comparison, and Conversion Paths.

While all the newly added features will require advanced learning and understanding, it would still be beneficial for those who’re looking for insight into user behaviour and navigation through impact of privacy.