GOOGLE I/O 2021: Project Starline Enables Almost Face-To-Face Communication Through Magic Window

At the recent event I/O 2021, Google announced its recent breakthrough in videoconferencing technology through Project Starline. This technology project is an amalgamation of software and hardware which brings together people in video conferencing like they’re actually sitting across one another. “Imagine a magic window, and through that window you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions,” Google wrote on its Twitter handle.

To make available this experience, Google applied research in real-time compression, spatial audio, machine learning and computer vision. A light field display system is also being developed, which enables life-like experience in videoconferencing through a sense of volume and depth creation. This futuristic technology is brought to life with the help of a 3D hologram, which gives people a feeling of sitting in front of another person through a ‘magic window.’ Google wrote in its blog, “As soon as you sit down and start talking, the technology fades into the background , and you can focus on what's most important: the person in front of you.”

Project Starline is focused on bringing together people, especially now since there is a greater need to connect, share and collaborate. The need for life-like, real video conferencing roots from increased remote working scenarios and limited travel, which enhances the need to feel connected even more.
As of now, Google is testing the technology within its offices. Colleagues at Seattle, Bay Area and New York have been on board with testing of Project Starline. However, Google is also testing futuristic technology with others. “We've also been conducting demos with select enterprise partners in areas like healthcare and media to get early feedback,” said Google.